Unleash new business growth into the future

Trends presentations

Insights of the global and local forces of disruptive change, which will affect every organisation in the future - to help your organisation make better decisions about the future.

Scenario planning

Prepare your organisation for new opportunities through an exploration of alternative futures.


Unlock new business growth and innovation with a facilitated workshop based on the principles of futures thinking.

Change management

Empower your organisation through the development of effective strategies and management systems that amplify the benefits of innovation.

Strategy development

Leverage the opportunities that exist in the future through effective research, analysis and action planning.

Futures projects

Enable organisations to 'peer into the future' to determine what is probable, possible, plausible and ultimately design what is preferable in the time yet to come.

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Understanding the forces of change that will affect the future

Our trend presentations offer insights and analysis on the driving forces of change that will affect all organisations in the future.

We've conducted keynote presentations and facilitated discussions around emerging trends, for planning and business intelligence purposes for a variety of clients, including:

Woolworths, The Standard Bank Group, Santam LTD, Wesbank, The Foschini Group, Investec, PETCO, The Cap Classique Producers Association and the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives.

Topics of our trends presentations include:

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The complex nature of change means that predicting events is impossible, and is quite likely dangerous, as it implies inflexibility and a need to become locked into one specific prophecy.
Of much greater value is the ability to recognize ‘dots on the horizon’ – the signs of change that inevitably affect every organization – and to understand their significance and how the organization should adapt.

Kees van Heijden (2002)